Literature : Novel Short Response on "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

Sample script

Question 34

Choose an event in the novel you have studied which you find to be most memorable. Give reasons for your choice and with close reference to the text, discuss the event.


         In the novel, “The Pearl”, the event that I have chosen is the one of the discovery of the pearl. The discovery of the pearl is like an icing on the cake for Kino and Juana who needed financial aid for their son, Coyotito who was stung by a scorpion. What are in fact more memorable about this event are the sequences that followed suit.

          Firstly, upon finding this pearl, it enabled Kino to seek medical help for Coyotito uplifted his and Juana’s hopes.

         Secondly, after finding this pearl, Kino had big dreams for his family, for he knew that the value of the pearl was enough to educate Coyotito, get him and Juana married at the church, enough for him to buy a rifle and a harpoon.                                               

         Thirdly, what is enriching about this event is that the same discovery had raged a mixture of emotions; some are well-intended whereas some are not. For example, soon after finding the pearl the doctor came and claimed that he could save Coyotito while the priest persuaded Kino to give blessings to the church in remembrance of god. The worst ones would be some men who went to the extent of attacking Kino and burning his house in order to gain possession of the pearl. The pearl dealers meanwhile were excited as well as the beggars as they knew that money is what awaits them.

          Fourthly, the reason I chose this event is because the discovery of the pearl had made Kino a murderer, fugitive and as an outcast of the society. This led Kino and his family to leave La Paz and find a new place; little did they know that a bigger calamity is ahead of them. In this case, Kino was being attacked by the hunters and Coyotito killed.

          Lastly, the discovery of the pearl had caused more sorrows than happiness for Kino and his family. For example, after Coyotito died, Kino and Juana were muted and were deeply distraught that it led them to throw away the pearl in order to get rid of the ‘evil spirit’ that had caused teem their home, friends and son.